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Home of the Kangaroo Adjustable Height Desk

All of our adjustable height desk are constructed of high grade aluminum framing and HPL laminate to give you years 
of beauty and reliable service. These ergonomic products hold your monitor or laptop, keyboard and mouse with additional space for other
 office related products. The adjustable height desk can be raised and lowered with the assistance of gas nitrogen springs. Unlike 
the expensive sit to stand desk on the market, these ergonomic computer desks have the ability to adjust the monitor's nitrogen 
spring separately from the keyboard and mouse, allowing for the maximum ergonomic office setting for each individual user. These springs 
allow for a smooth transition from sitting to standing all without the unsightly electric cords of other products costing 
$1,000.00 or more compared to the excellent value of "The Kangaroo". It is a stand-up desk like no other!

Demonstration of the Pneumatic Kangaroo Pro Adjustable Height Desk