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Customer Testimonials

A beautifully designed and well constructed device. The whole thing sits on my desk which is only twenty inches deep and it operates within that footprint. Money well spent and I am surprised at my 
emerging preference for standing instead of sitting.

Harold Wharton - Olmsted Falls, Ohio

Actually I don't know how I got by BK (before Kangaroo). I spend about 80% of my time standing at my work station - I feel more organized and energized when standing.The Kangaroo really has improved my attitude on the job.

Jane Koesters

I just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know how much I love my Ergo Desktop!! I really enjoy being able to get up on my feet! In the afternoon, after you have been sitting all day, you just get feeling “sluggish”…..well not anymore!! I can stand up!! I feel like I have more energy and can finish the day with ease. What a wonderful difference it makes! I actually feel like I am more productive when I’m standing versus sitting, & my boss sure likes that!! Thanks again for making such a wonderful difference!

Krista B. Celina, OH

I am now finishing week two with my new Dual Kanagaroo and couldn't be happier! After sitting and slouching at my computer now for 24 years for 8+ hours a day my body was starting to break down. I thought there might be a transition period to get used to standing all day but I've been doing exactly that since the Kangaroo arrived and couldn't be happier with the setup. Thanks to you for making this and to my boss for investing in this for me! Thumbs up all the way around-and even to be made in the USA, too! Double thumbs up!!

Kurt Pfannkuch - Traveltrust, Inc.

After enduring much back pain for many years, getting a new Ergon chair (which helped somewhat), I decided to try and find a standing desk. Your design fit the bill perfectly. I have now installed it, (and it was easy to do), and I LOVE the Kangaroo Desk! I have the elite model which will enable me to set up a second screen. I was also impressed that you worked with me on the phone, and made sure that it would work with my height and that you walked me through how to disconnect my existing screen from it’s old stand. Brilliant design!! As I have designed a lot of furniture for my clients over the years, I do not give out this praise lightly...So far, no back pain and I’m loving the feeling that I can just shoot a quick email without feeling that I’m tied to my desk.

Charlene Keogh - ASID, CID Keogh Design, Inc.

I just love my Kangaroo! I sit a lot at the computer as I am sure most people now days do. To have the ability to stand up and get through the day is phenomenal. I notice that my energy level is higher and I no longer hit that lethargic point mid day. I just kick off my shoes and adjust the height of my Kangaroo and voila! I am much more productive now!

Chelsea Wildman

I wanted to tell you guys how incredible your product is. Very well made, easy to use, an all around great product. I suspect that – as more and more evidence comes out about the hazards of sitting 8-14 hours a day – you folks will have more business than you can handle!

Evan Fray-Witzer Ciampa - Fray-Witzer, LLP

As a graphic designer, I have spent the past 13 years hunched over a keyboard and mouse pad, staring into the abyss which is my 21 inch monitor. Not a great position for a guy who no longer enjoys working out. A weak lower back and abdomen is a recipe for problems. The Kangaroo has been great for me because it allows the option of standing for much of the day. This in turn aides me in working my core, and we all know how important that is, right? Dan Sharkey, designer of The Kangaroo, built a specially modified version for me to accommodate the extra weight of papers and books, as well as extensive use of a mouse. Thanks a lot Dan!

Michael Branigan - Sandbox Studio

The Kangaroo Workstation from Ergo Desktop is well designed ergonomically and can help prevent upper and lower back strain and general fatigue associated with prolonged static postures at a computer workstation. The Kangaroo Workstation enables the users to vary the work height and optimizes adjustment of its components to fit each user. Having the ability to have a wide range of positions and to independently adjust the heights of the computer monitor and keyboard is critical to its ergonomic design. I would recommend The Kangaroo Workstation whenever someone will be spending considerable time at the computer.

Robert J. Hibner - Physical Therapist, Industrial