As we all know, there are many ways to get healthy.  One in three Americans either have diabetes or are at risk of contracting it. Diet and exercise are the main two ways to stay healthy. Here are some tips to improve both your diet and health and minimize your risk of health diseases like diabetes that you can do while at work:

  1. Sitting all day long is no good for our health. Interrupt stretches of sitting by standing up. Using an adjustable height, stand-up desk is great as it allows you to sit or stand as needed.
  2. Do short periods of light exercise throughout your workday. This helps to lower glucose and insulin levels by up to 30%! This can be walking around a bit, doing some jumping jacks or other light cardio, doing situps or pushups. 
  3. Take the opportunity while waiting on hold or while waiting for your computer to finish up a large task to do some exercise.
  4. For people who work at a desk, Stand-up every half hour, at least for a minute or two. This is also gret for reducing eye strain.
  5. Take a walking break instead of a smoke break; walk around the office, down the hall or around the parking lot. 
  6. Take a walk before or after eating lunch. The pace doesn't matter as much as the fact that you're simply moving around.
  7. Fidget in your chair or while standing up. Use restless leg syndrome to your advantage and otherwise move around. Fidgeting and other related motions can help burn calories and keep you active. 
  8. For those lucky enough to work at home or have a gym at their workplace, take 15 minutes or so to do some light cardio. Hitting a punching bag, riding a stationary bike or skipping rope are great exercises that will elevate your heart rate without leaving you dripping with sweat when you return to work.
  9. Take a short bike ride during your lunch hour. Biking is a great exercise that also likely won't leave you sweating when you're done. It's also a great way to lift your spirits and see a different environment than your workplace.
  10. Keep some dumbbells in or near your office workspace. You can use these just about anytime: when you take a short break, while you're on a call or on hold, or while chatting with co-workers. Don't let them think you're weird for doing this, make a joke and just tell them you're trying to get in better shape. Let them know the advantages and perhaps they'll get on board as well!


We hope this informative and useful. Of course if you have any questions about this, ideas for further blog posts, or want to know anything about our stand-up desks, by all means, hit us up!