In this review we’re going to take a look at Ergo Desktop’s Kangaroo range of adjustable height desks.

Although they are stand alone units in reality they’re a very clever way of converting an ordinary fixed desk into a height adjustable desk.

After all if you have a perfectly good fixed desk it surely makes good sense to adapt it to increase its flexibility.

So who can benefit from a Kangaroo?

Who is this for?
The great thing about a Kangaroo is that it’s pretty much suitable for any one looking to work at a sit stand desk. The biggest plus is you don’t need to replace your existing fixed top desk. Instead you add it to your current set up and gain the flexibility of both sitting and standing to work as the mood takes you. As you’re only buying half of what’s needed to make your desk height adjustable it works out cheaper. Let’s dig a little deeper.

How does it all work?
There are a number of different Kangaroo models however the principal of how they work is identical. Essentially what you are buying is a freestanding height adjustable desk add on. The unit sits on a broad footplate which can be readily slid and positioned on your existing desktop to the optimal location for the way you want to work.

Fixed to the footplate is a rear mounted vertical riser. Attached to the riser is a large work surface for your keyboard and mouse and this adjusts up and down by releasing and tightening a knob on the riser.

Depending on which model you select there is a separate upper adjustable attachment or shelf. The attachment is designed to take flat panel monitors which have the industry standard 4 point VESA fixing locations. It’s simply a case of screwing the monitor arm onto the attachment through the ready made fixing positions.

Where this isn’t possible there is an alternative of an adjustable upper shelf. This is ideal for iMac and laptop users as it makes it possible to use both with a Kangaroo adjustable height desk.

Technical Details And Specification
There are two main versions the Kangaroo Pro and the Junior. The main difference between them is the size of the adjustable work surface and the weight carrying capacity of the monitor shelf or arm.

With the Pro version the work surface is shaped and narrower and curved at the rear. Its overall dimensions are 28 inches wide by 24 inches deep. The Junior model has a rectangular shaped surface and is 24 inches wide by 18 inches deep. Both versions also include a separate stabilization leg which can be located under the front edge of the work surface to minimize any flexing and make it more rigid in use.

There are other versions specifically intended for Mac users. The MyMac models have an upper shelf which can safely support up to an iMac 24 or a 27 inch Apple Cinema Display. There is an alternative VESA mount version for 27 inch iMacs as well as 24 and 30 inch Apple Cinema Displays and the Thunderbolt 27.

All units give 15 inches of vertical adjustment on the work surface and independent adjustability of 6.5 inches for the upper shelf or VESA mount versions.

Work surfaces are made from an MDF (medium density fiberboard) core and finished in either Black, Cherry, Maple or Putty (Grey) hard wearing laminate.

The bottom of all Kangaroo models have a solid steel base for stability. The riser mechanism and stabilizing arm are both made from high quality extruded aluminum.

All Ergo Desktop Kangaroo adjustable height desks carry a 5 year warranty against defects, faulty workmanship and materials.

Overall opinion
The Kangaroo range is well engineered, designed and built in the USA. It will last for many years with careful use. It provides a great way of getting the benefits of height adjustable working by retaining your existing desk to support it.

It needs to be realized though that it doesn’t quite have the flexibility of a fully fledged height adjustable desk as only a relatively small area is height adjustable. Nonetheless it will comfortably cope with providing an adjustable work surface for your core equipment of keyboard, mouse, monitor or laptop. This should be more than enough for most users who want to experience the benefits of sit to stand working by simply adapting their existing set up.

Where to buy online
Kangaroo adjustable height desks can be purchased direct from the manufacturer Ergo Desktop. Find out more by following these links for the Pro, Junior and MyMac models.

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