EZSIT Comfort Elite Sit Stand Stool
EZSIT Comfort Elite Sit Stand Stool
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EZSIT Comfort Elite Sit Stand Stool

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  • Ideal for commercial / office / home environments
  • Gas Spring Lift, Infinitely Adjustable from 24" to 31" (11129) or 28" to 37" (11123)
  • Extra-Wide, Extra Deep, Plush Cushioned Seat (18.7" x 13") with Faux Leather Cover composed of Polyurethane,  waterproof and impervious to most cleaning agents
  • Wider, Taller, Extra-Plush Cushioned Back With Shallow Curve and Angle Adjustment Independent of Seat Angle
  • Seat Tilts Forward from 0° to 15°, No Swivel 
  • Durable and Stable Textured Black Tubular Steel Base
  • Built-in Rollers Assist in Moving Stool
  • Available in 2 models:
    • Standard Gas Spring (11129 - Suitable for individuals up to 5'7" tall)
    • Tall Gas Spring (11123 - Suitable for individuals 5'6" to 6'3" tall)
  • Works great with the Wallaby line of products

The EZSIT Comfort Elite Sit-Stand Stool from Mey Chair Systems offers users looking for a sturdy leaning or sitting stool a larger-than-average seating surface, combined with extra cushioning for superior comfort. Height adjustment is accomplished via a gas spring that also serves to absorb impact as the user lowers themselves onto the seat. Two ranges of seat height adjustment are now available to provide seating options for people ranging in height from barely 5' tall to 6'3" tall.

The EZSIT Comfort Elite models were developed in response to user feedback about other options in sit-stand seating. Many users found the seats on other models too small and narrow, making those models uncomfortable for extended work sessions. The EZSIT Comfort Elite Sit-Stand Stool, with its increased cushioning and greater surface area, can provide comfort and support to users small and large, and for lengthy work sessions. The large 18.7" by 13" seat tilts from 0° to 15° and generous padding provides support without sacrificing comfort. Independent angle adjustment on the back of this model ensures that a comfortable upright posture can be maintained regardless of the chosen seat angle.

Users who have adopted a leaning or semi-seated stance over either traditional seating or full-time standing might well appreciate the extra comfort offered by the EZSIT Comfort Elite Sit Stand Stool.

Click here to learn more about the Ergonomic advantages of using a sit/stand stool


  • Choose first whether you wish to sit or lean. Adjust the tilt of the seat accordingly.
  • Select the correct height. When adjusting the height of the seat, aim to position yourself in a posture where the angle of your thighs is between 25º and 40º off the vertical. If you are unable to make comfortable contact with the seat you have likely set the seat too high.
  • Consider adding an Anti-Fatigue Mat to your workstation. If you notice that you do not feel secure, or would like a cushioned surface for your feet to rest on, consider adding a non-slip Anti-Fatigue Mat to your workstation.
  • Consider bracing your feet. Some users of leaning stools find that bracing their feet against a sturdy, fixed bar or rail can substantially improve their comfort. Caution: Standard footrests are not recommended for this application.


  • Dimensions: Seat: 18.7" (47.5 cm) wide x 13.2" (336 cm) deep
  • Height Adjustment:
    (Model 11123) 28" (71 cm) - 37" (94 cm)
    (Model 11129) 24" (61 cm) - 31" (78.8 cm)
  • Tilt Range: Seat: 0° - 15° forward from horizontal
  • Padding Thickness: Seat: 3.125" (8 cm)
  • Base Footprint: 20" (50.8 cm) wide x 17" (43.2 cm) deep
  • Weight Rating: 264 lbs (120 kg)
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Package Contents:
    11123: EZSIT Comfort Elite Sit Stand Stool, Assembly Guide Sheet
    11129: EZSIT Comfort Elite Sit Stand Stool, Assembly Guide Sheet