Ken B


How many products get better a year later?

I was having some ergonomic issues using the Kangaroo Pro. Placing it on my desktop, and my keyboard and trackball on top of it, in the seated position it required my chair to be higher than it can (in order for my arms to be level while typing or using the trackball). So I bought a cushion which raised me higher in the chair, but that required me using a foot rest as my feet were now off the ground. But, ok, workable while seated. (In a standing position, the KP has always been fine for me.) But after about 6 months of this, I really started to be bothered with the whole setup. I just wasn't comfortable when seated.

So back to my original position (which I had abandoned on day one as I thought it unworkable), which was using a drop down keyboard shelf which fits under my desk. So my seated position could be brought down to a normal level -- no more seat cushion, no more foot rest. But the keyboard shelf extends in front of the desk, which means I have to sit further away from the desk and monitor than before. However, the Kangaroo Pro does not have any way of adjusting the monitor horizontally (that is, to bring it closer in, as I now needed it to be). So I used it like that for several months, always wishing the monitor could be about 6" closer to me (when seated).

Finally I decided to write Ergo Desktop, to see if I could replace the monitor arm with one that could adjust horizontally. It turns out that there are inexpensive monitor arm extensions that can bring the monitor closer by 4" or 8". But what about while I was standing? I didn't want the monitor closer when standing -- it was already close enough. Solution again provided by Ergo Desktop: 2 extensions of the same size (in my case, 4") can be folded in on each other, bringing the monitor back to where it would be without the extensions. After using the extensions for a few weeks, I found the Kangaroo Pro now almost perfect for me. The only remaining nit was that when seated, the monitor was now a little too high, as the monitor extensions added about 3" vertically. So even adjusting the monitor down all the way on the Kangaroo Pro, the monitor was just a few inches higher than I'd like. I wrote Ergo Desktop, just to let them know the extensions were working out well for me, and mentioned this. And was surprised to find there was a solution for this problem, too! A little adjustment on the Kangaroo Pro itself brought the minimum monitor height down about 2", which means it's now perfect for me.

The quality of the Kangaroo Pro itself is very high. It seems like it will withstand years (if not decades) of use. Now I know the customer service of Ergo Desktop is also outstanding, and I am one very happy customer!

Sacramento, CA