Diane Muhlenkamp


For years I had problems with my back due to 4 bulging disc. The pain would radiate down my leg and to my foot. I never had problems until I worked in an office and sat day after day for years, it eventually caught up with me. Sitting in an office has always contributed to my problem. Doctors told me sitting can be one of the worse things for your back, and suggested I look for a new job where I wouldn’t have to sit so much. I know there are a lot of ergonomic chairs out there and I have tried them but you are still sitting. The fact of being able to stand at my desk by using the Ergo Desktop has changed my health. Bulging disc is something you can overcome and correct the best way for me was by not sitting and compress them. The Ergo Desktop has allowed me to stand or sit according to how I feel. I work 8 hours a day and stand most of the day. It has changed my life and allowed me to continue to be able to work. Standing is so much healthier, it builds bone mass, muscle, and increase productivity. Not only do I feel great but I have more energy being able to stand instead of sitting all day. This has made a significant difference on my health as well as the companies cost in productivity and insurance expensive."


Wilmer Customer Service