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Differences Between The Kangaroo/Kangaroo Junior/Dual Kangaroo and Kangaroo Pro/Kangaroo Pro Junior/Kangaroo Elite

The Main difference from the Kangaroo/Dual Kangaroo/Kangaroo Junior to the Kangaroo Pro/Kangaroo Elite/Kangaroo Pro Junior is how your monitor will be placed on the sit to stand desk. The Kangaroo Pro, Kangaroo Pro Junior, and Kangaroo Elite all provide a VESA mount(s) that supports a 100 x 100, and 75 x 75 mm hole pattern. If your monitor supports a 100 x 200 mm hole pattern, give us a call, we'll make some custom brackets to attach our VESA mounts to your monitor. The VESA mounts on the Kangaroo Pro and Elite Models can pan, tilt, and rotate, giving you the freedom to create almost any viewing experience you wish. While the Pro and Elite versions provide a VESA mount(s) the Standard Kangaroo, Kangaroo Junior, and Dual Kangaroo do not. Those units simply provide a shelf to sit your existing monitor on, using the base already attached to your monitor.

In a standard build, the Kangaroo's monitor shelf will sit approximately 3 inches above your work surface. Some users have expressed concerns over the monitor shelf impeding on their work space. Click here to view a close up photo of how the Kangaroo looks in the seated position with a few items under the shelf vs. the Kangaroo Pro with no shelf. In the standing position this is not a problem.

Other users have expressed concerns over how the monitor just sits on the shelf. The dual gas nitrogen springs used to help lift and lower the monitor and work surface separately, have a small amount of oil within the spring that help dampen the up/down end travel. Our sit to stand desks are set to lift and lower with your assistance, your monitor will not go crashing up or down.