Charlene Keogh, ASID, CID


After enduring much back pain for many years, getting a new Ergon chair (which helped somewhat), I decided to try and find a standing desk. Your design fit the bill perfectly. I have now installed it, (and it was easy to do), and I LOVE the Kangaroo Desk! I have the elite model which will enable me to set up a second screen. I was also impressed that you worked with me on the phone, and made sure that it would work with my height and that you walked me through how to disconnect my existing screen from it’s old stand. Brilliant design!! As I have designed a lot of furniture for my clients over the years, I do not give out this praise lightly...So far, no back pain and I’m loving the feeling that I can just shoot a quick email without feeling that I’m tied to my desk.

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New York, New York
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