Brian Rager


I have had my Ergo Desktop for a couple of weeks now and have been showing it off to as many coworkers as I can. This was by far the best solution for my particular situation. I have Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) that routinely plagues me in the evening, but quite often, especially if I have had a long day of sitting, it will flare up during work hours. I went on the search for a stand-up option and found many options ranging from ultra-expensive to ultra-cheap. I was browsing online one day and Googled stand up work stations only to find the Ergo Desktop website. First of all, the website is top notch and has plenty of excellent information about the product lines, including details such as customization for a particular situation. The testimonials were helpful, as well as the demonstration video. That was a key in continuing my interest.

After coordinating with our Risk Division here at work, I compared the Ergo Desktop with the options available to me through our furniture vendor. One solution was to add hydraulic legs to my existing desktop which would have been in that ultra-expensive category. Plus, my desktop is large and includes an area where visitors sit and meet with me. I did not like the idea of forcing a stand-up meeting. The other desktop units were extremely flimsy, especially the keyboard holders. Until finding Ergo Desktop, I had not seen a keyboard holder that was stable.

When ordering my particular Ergo Desktop, the staff was professional and knew the right questions to ask. I am 6’-4” tall and needed a higher riser than the standard. The company is very willing to customize at no extra charge, which I thought was excellent. Their ordering instructions were very clear when it comes to the shelves for monitors. After some online research for my monitors, I learned that I would need to order the unit with the upgraded shelf strength; again at no extra charge. I also paid the nominal charge for the assembly. The website is also very clear about the lead time; currently it is five to six weeks. Believe me, it is worth the wait.

When my Ergo Desktop arrived, I was very impressed with the packaging. Very padded and wrapped well to prevent scratching or tweaking of the risers. The setup instructions were excellent and where I had a fine tuning question, Dan Sharkey was very quick to get back to me with a phone call as to how I could achieve an extra two inches of height. Again, I was an exception due to my height so I did not expect the standard setup instructions to go into this detail. Dan is a professional and knows the product well.

Once I got my monitors set up on the shelves and began using the unit, I knew I had made the right choice. This thing is extremely stable! And when I show folks that it is not bolted to my desk, the eyebrows really go up. The plate steel base provides excellent stability and is padded beneath to prevent scratching your existing desktop. Overall this product has exceeded my expectations and is reasonably priced. I will be recommending the Ergo Desktop to anyone I know that needs a stand-up work station option.

City of Tigard | Public Works Department
Interim Public Works Director