How to Build The Best Computer For Working From Home

by Regev Elya

Working Environment

Having a clear, decluttered space helps you avoid decision fatigue. When you have a lot of clutter around your working space, your brain constantly reacts to that stimuli. You get tired. You are less productive.

When you have a lot of stuff lying around, you’re also going to constantly move and shuffle objects around, just like windows on a small screen. It will take you more time to find what you need. To increase your workflow, make sure your working space is as clean as possible.

If you use a monitor (and not a wall-mounted TV), I highly recommend a standing desk. Such a desk will help you cycle between sitting and standing throughout your workday, which is essential for both your comfort and health. Again, I use an Ergo Desktop Kangaroo:

Research has associated prolonged sitting with a higher risk of a host of problems, including heart disease and diabetescancer, and premature death. Is it the sitting itself that’s dangerous, or the overall lifestyle associated with it? Well, why take the risk? If you’re concerned about being too sedentary, consider switching to a standing desk.

However, standing all day isn’t ideal either. That’s where an adjustable desk helps. It lets you raise or lower your desk to sitting or standing height. Researchers from the University of Waterloo who studied lower-back pain recommend a sit-to-stand ratio between 1:1 and 1:3. In other words, sit and stand for equal periods of time, or at the maximum – sit for 15 minutes and stand for 45 minutes within each hour.

The Kangaroo is an adjustable height desk with two surfaces, one for the monitor and one for the keyboard. You can adjust them both as you see fit. It has a stopping bolt, so that if you ever change anything you can raise it back to the exact same height. Unlike traditional standing desks, it sits on a a desk. It’s very stable, with a heavy, solid steel base. You can get one with a shelf for the monitor, or with a VESA mount(s).

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I think we covered it all. Hopefully you now have a good grasp on how to build your own best computer for working from home. Only one thing is left now… actually being productive ;) Which is the hard part.


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