I’m just completing my second week with my new Kangaroo Pro – and I couldn’t be more happy. I’ve spent the last 26 years working in an office, and with a congenital back problem I have started to realize that sitting all day is not beneficial, especially if discomfort takes away my attention from my responsibilities. I experimented with raising my monitor and keyboard with a box to get a better idea of how elevating my computer would work. While not ideal, I could see there would be a benefit. After looking at the expensive adjustable desks, I stumbled across the Ergo Desktop Company. The perfect solution, and a lot less expensive than a new desk. After I found out it was made in Ohio, all the better – as I work for a small company I like to support other small companies too. I am absolutely blown away with the quality and workmanship of this product. Each and every component is over-engineered in my opinion. The adjustable rail that moves the keyboard and monitor up and down works smoothly and flawlessly. They also supply quality tools to assemble everything – something I have never seen done before. (And, it’s very easy to do) Even the fasteners are top quality - if you’ve ever assembled a product made in China, you’ve probably been frustrated with the poor quality of the fasteners – stripping out or not fitting correctly. Not with this product! Everything about it is outstanding. I also purchased the slip-on side table to hold my small easel so I can easily view my paperwork. A must have.

There is a happy medium for sitting or standing at your desk job, and as mentioned on the Ergo Desktop site they wisely caution about standing all day. That can cause problems as well, so take their advice and find what’s right for you. I stand for a couple of hours, sit for a half hour to 45 minutes, and stand again – but I vary it quite a bit. My goal is to stand for at least 60% of the day. I purchased a gel mat to stand on (the type you would use in a kitchen on a hard tile floor) and it makes a huge difference for my legs. Do not try to stand for long periods of time without one.

I can’t see how anybody could be disappointed with this great product. It’s obvious to me that the folks at Ergo Desktop care about the quality of their products and service.

Granger, Indiana