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Differences Between the Wallaby/Junior and Kangaroo/Kangaroo Pro/Junior Adjustable Height Desks

The Wallaby adjustable height desk is a single ergonomic solution for a sit to stand work desk. The Wallaby provides an adjustable work surface that would hold your monitor, keyboard, and mouse in a standard application. The Kangaroo, Kangaroo Junior, Kangaroo Pro, and Kangaroo Pro Junior provide additional height adjustment for the monitor separate from the work surface, whereas the Wallaby/Junior does not.  Individuals 5'2 and shorter can find the Wallaby workstation ergonomically sound for viewing as well as keyboarding. If the user is taller than that, they would reach an ergonomic solution while the unit is in the seated position, but moving to the standing position the taller users would be looking down to view the monitor screen, which can cause neck and back strain.

Some monitors provide an adjustable height base, like the Dell 1704FTP, 2407FP, etc. which work well with the Wallaby. Given the additional inches gained by the adjustable height base installed within the monitor, users up to 5'4 can reach dual ergonomics. But by placing the monitor on the work surface, you do reduce the amount of free working space.

The Wallaby and Wallaby Junior adjustable height desk differ in the size of work surface as well as size of the weighted base-plate. The Wallaby Junior also does not provide the option of choosing a work surface finish other than black. The Wallaby can also be upgraded to support extra weight and still function properly, whereas the Wallaby Jr cannot. Both can support our additional work sides as well as the keyboard extensions or the junior keyboard extension.

The Wallaby can be a very versatile work station. We have customers who have used the Wallaby in other working conditions that do not involve computers. Assembly workers, clerical/retail workers, the health care field and others have expressed a deep satisfaction at the opportunity to switch from sitting to standing or vice versa, though-out the work day.