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About Us

Ergo Desktop developed The Kangaroo "Adjustable Height Desk" to fill the need of those who want to have the benefits of alternating between standing and sitting but do not want to discard their existing desk. All of our adjustable height desk sit on your existing desk so if you are looking for an adjustable height desk, or a stand-up desk, The Kangaroo line of products will work great for you. 

The end results are high quality, Made in the USA adjustable height desk that have helped many customers improve their work lives by reducing or eliminating the pain they experienced from working at their computers workstations all day. Customers have claimed that using "The Kangaroo" has changed their lives, giving them renewed energy while working and improving their overall work experience. We have other customers who use "The Kangaroo adjustable height desk" simply because it is good for you. Just think, improve your overall fitness level and strengthen your core all while you are working.    




Adjustable Height Desk Unit, Minimal Assembly, 100% Quality Guarantee, Free Delivery